Library Display: Spring

I like doing seasonally themed displays; they’re some of my favorites to put together. Last year’s spring display had large daffodils. This year, I pulled on my memories of Christopher Robin’s umbrella to come up with a child walking through a puddle.

Here’s the finished product. I used yellow paper for the child and umbrella, and marker for the sections I wanted in other colors. I outlined everything with Sharpie, and outlined the outer edges twice so they’d be a little darker. Then I cut the whole thing out.

I cut the puddle and raindrops out of light blue paper and glued the child’s boot to the puddle. I glued some of the raindrops to the umbrella and taped the rest onto the background.

For the words, I used Harrington as a font and printed out a reference sheet, then freehanded the letters on alternating blue and yellow paper. I outlined them with sharpie and cut them out.

And here’s another shot of the final result, with some of the books that were on display. I’m very happy with how this display turned out–it’s almost exactly as I initially imagined it, and the whole thing came together relatively quickly. I also like that it’s fairly gender and race neutral–the obscured face of the child was partly for that reason and also because I’m not the best when it comes to drawing faces!

Title of display: Spring
Theme: Spring
Time: about 140 minutes
Resources: None



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