Picture Book Monday 3-25-13

I read a fair number of picture books and early readers because of my job. Picture Book Monday is my attempt to review a few that I’ve especially liked. These include picture books, early readers and early chapter books–Picture Book Monday just had a nice ring to it.

A very short version this time–I have notes for several more, so hopefully there will be another post next week.

baby that roaredThe Baby That Roared by Simon Puttock and Nadia Shireen: What a marvelously weird little book. I really thought I knew where it was going at one point, and then it completely surprised me, which is nice! Nonetheless, I didn’t totally love it–a little too quirky, maybe? Not sure. Regardless, it’s a fun book and I think would make a great readaloud.

lady hahnLady Hahn and Her Seven Friends by Yumi Heo: I love folktales, and this is a nice one from Korea. I liked the emphasis on real teamwork, and the handiwork aspect is a nice bonus.

black dogBlack Dog by Levi Pinfold: Black Dog is a book that teeters just on the edge of being too allegorical, but something saves it. The beautiful illustrations? The sheer weirdness of it all? Not sure, but I like.


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