Code Name Verity: ALL the covers!

So as we should all know at this point, I love Code Name Verity. Favorite book of 2012, read twice and listened to the audiobook once.* I’ve also been fascinated to see the different covers in the US & UK, and now with the paperbacks coming out there are even more covers to choose from! I’m rounding them up here.

verity uk
First, there’s the original UK version, which is what I own. It is so pretty, and I love the way the underlining in the text is hinted at in the circled name. And the rose, and the way the plane’s trail almost makes a V. It’s a very lovely, atmospheric cover, and one of my favorites.

cnv us
Next, we have the original North American hardcover. Initially I was very not sure about this one, but I’ve come around to it. I like the subtle text in the hands and arms, and the way it reminds me of the scene with Marie. And it’s a very visually striking cover.

EDIT: Commenter Frida, below, pointed out that there’s actually another cover–the Canadian hardcover is slightly different in terms of font and layout.

cnv us pb 2
The new US paperback. I really like this one–I think it has a sort of Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society feel to it, and I love the fact that it shows the bicycles. It’s a fresh cover, not very stereotypically YA. And it makes me want to buy another copy.

cnv uk pb
And here’s the new UK cover (source). Hopefully someone will have a larger image at some point–I would love to look more closely at the details. I like the slight ambiguity of the woman’s expression and the tear-away effect of the text.

cnv canada
Finally, here’s the new Canadian cover (source). I really like this one too–I think it’s interesting that it keeps the same color scheme as the hardcover above–black and beige with scarlet highlights. The girl’s face really looks like she’s staring out of a WWII photo. And it keeps the “I have told the truth” tagline, which I like.

As a bonus, here’s the link to the Canadian cover of Rose Under Fire, the companion book, out in September. (Eee! So pretty! So excited!)

I will also note that Elizabeth Wein has historically gotten some excellent covers–I love the ones for the Lion Hunter series as well and I may do a separate post for those sometime.

So, which one is your favorite cover?

* I have not gone on about this audiobook here, but it is AMAZING. Morven Christie is perfect as Verity–she does all the accents and she SINGS and she is completely and heartbreakingly wonderful. Lucy Gaskell is excellent as Maddie, but Julie’s portion had me crying over things I had never cried over before. And trust me, that’s difficult.



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15 responses to “Code Name Verity: ALL the covers!

  1. I love that you did a post for all the covers. I have the original UK edition and that’s still one of my favorites. Like you, I’m tempted to buy the US paperback though.

  2. Rose Under Fire comes out in September? I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! Ahhhhhh!!!

    My favourite is still the original UK cover, but I really like the new US paperback. There’s something subtly evocative about it – life (and friendship, alluded to by the bicycles) interrupted by danger. Whereas the other new covers focus more on the danger. I think I’d like the other new covers if I hadn’t read the book and didn’t have strong ideas about what the characters look like.

    I’m now curious as to what the text layout of all the new editions are like. I find the font and layout of the US hardcover much easier to read to that of the original UK edition, so that’s the edition I’ve chosen when I’ve bought it for someone else. Hmm…

    Isn’t the audio book amazing? I think it’s the best audio book I’ve ever come across. I listened to it first and was completely blown away.

    • Maureen E

      Yes! Yes it does! (!!!)

      I do really like the US paperback too, and I love your analysis of it. And I agree–I think I would like some of the other covers a lot (especially the new UK one) if I hadn’t read the book already.

      I actually like the UK layout better because the underlinings are fainter–I was seeing comments from others about the underlining being too heavy-handed and couldn’t figure it out until I actually saw inside the US edition.

      And yes, the audiobook is incredible. I am Not an Audiobook Person–as in, I refuse to listen to them for the most part–but I was talked into listening to this one and agh, so amazing.

      • The underlining is not actually something I had considered when comparing editions. I guess because I listened to the audio book first, it wasn’t a part of my initial experience of the story. I didn’t find out about the underlining until afterwards, when I saw an oblique reference to it in a review and was very confused!

        That’s interesting that you liked the audio book despite not being an audio book person! Okay, now I’m curious – what are your objections to audio books?

        • Maureen E

          I tend to have a very strong sense of a narrative voice when I read, especially for first person or limited 3rd person pov. So when I listen to an audiobook, 90% of the time I think the narrator sounds wrong. Recent exceptions are the CNV audiobook (obvs) and the James Herriot audiobooks because they’re narrated by Christopher Timothy who IS James Herriot as far as I’m concerned. I’m glad other people like them and I wish I liked them more because then I could listen while driving, but….I don’t.

  3. Frida

    I have the UK edition and it’s my favourite. Also considering getting the US paperback. Great idea to collect them all here! But I’m wondering – isn’t there technically one more – the Canadian hardcover edition, which looks a lot like the US hardcover, but with a few variations?

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  6. Nix

    I didn’t know that there were that many covers! I’ve only seen the UK ones. I first read it at school with the first UK cover and I loved it. I’m kind of sad I could only find the second cover in stores

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