Blogger appreciation: authors

In my first edition, I talked about book bloggers I really enjoy. In this edition, I’m talking about authors whose blogs I really enjoy. Please note that is specifically authors whose blogs I enjoy! There are a couple who I really like on Twitter (I’ll get to that later) and some of my favorite authors don’t blog at all (Megan Whalen Turner! Which would be tragic except that it would take her 12 years to write a book).

I love Sarah Rees Brennan! She’s hilarious, and she’s full of interesting thoughts about books and movies and writing and life. Luckily, she has not one but two blogs, both with different content. Plus, she wrote this review of the Attolia books.

Robin McKinley’s blog was one of the very very first I found when I was first venturing, hesitantly, onto the internet. I used to be a much more active reader and commenter than I currently am, but I can’t not include Days in the Life* just for sheer nostalgia’s sake. It’s very daily life oriented, with a serial fiction that’s going on and occasional guest posts.

* with footnotes

I haven’t been following Rachel Neumeier‘s blog for very long, but I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I had no hesitation over jumping in and commenting, and overall I’ve had a very warm personal feeling from reading her blog. There are great book discussions over there as well, which I really enjoy. And occasional recipes! I am a sucker for recipes.

On the flip side, I am very intimidated by the commenters at John Scalzi’s Whatever, and so I don’t normally comment there. But the essay posts are always thought provoking and it’s easy to see why Scalzi is such a juggernaut in the SF community.

Cat Valente is someone who I don’t always necessarily agree with–in fact I actively disagree with her quite often. But I really value her voice and the issues she brings to light. Besides, there are times when she says exactly what I needed to hear.

I love the metaphorical (? maybe not quite the right word but the closest I can come) resonance in Theodora Goss‘s short stories. And I feel like that carries over to her blog. I am constantly inspired and challenged by what she writes there.

Kristin Cashore is another smart, thoughtful writer. I have found her thoughts about writing to be interesting and, in the case of a series about revision, really helpful.

Zoe Marriott blogs at The Zoe Trope, and I like her mix of discussions about books, genre, and writing. Again, I may not always agree with her, but I find the topics she talks about to be fascinating.


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