Links from around the web 2/12/2013

– Maggie Stiefvater has announced the title and cover of the second Raven Boys book. Eeeeee!

Changing fashions in the Regency era (via Nancy Kelley)

– This is a fascinating, and somewhat depressing, interview about writing diverse YA books

I waaant this shirt. *eyes longingly* (via darcybear on Twitter)

– Speaking of Doctor Who, I find this alternate history of Doctor Who in which the Doctors have been women really interesting, not so much as a criticism of the show, but as an exercise in might-have-beens.

– Valentine’s Day seems to inspire the Megan Whalen Turner fans. Who I am to judge, or complain? Exhibit 1, exhibit 2, exhibit 3, exhibit 4, exhibit 5,exhibit 6, and okay I’m done now.

Adorable baby tapir is adorable! (via Rachel Neumeier)

A great look into the head of an INFJ (which I am). (via Kelly Jensen)

– Speaking of introversion, there was a quite a conversation this week, starting with an article in the Atlantic. Lots of people had responses, which Liz B collected. Susan Cain had a nice rebuttal, and I especially liked Kelly’s post, which has a fascinating, albeit contentious, discussion in the comments.

– If Downton Abbey took place on Facebook (spoilers through the latest episode)

Speaking of things that I need…


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