Library Display: Alice in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll

As I said in my first post, I want to talk every now and then about what I do as a library assistant, and one of the main things I do is create displays for our children’s room. So, Library Displays will showcase what I do throughout the year, as well as a bit about the topic, why I chose it, and how I made the display.

January 27th was Lewis Carroll/Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s birthday, so I decided to do a small display featuring some of the editions of Alice and related materials. For this one, I went all ambitious and did a somewhat complicated tracing of Alice at the end of the first book.

alice 2

I knew I wanted to do the “You’re nothing but a pack of cards” scene, but I happen to be way more of a Rackham fan than a Tenniel fan. So I took the Rackham illustration above and adapted it slightly to have the more familiar Tenniel coloring. As you can see, I did the grade-school grid-thing. I find it really helpful to have that guide, since I am not a super-talented artist, and I was trying to reproduce a particular picture rather than free handing it.

alice 1

Here’s the whole thing in process–I’ve got it traced and colored and partially cut out. I used markers for the main block of color and then went over them with colored pencil to do some of the shading. I also went really ambitious and made a little deck of playing cards, which I thought turned out surprisingly well.

alice 3

After I finished cutting Alice out, leaving a small margin around most of the edges, I glued it to a piece of cardstock and then artfully scattered the playing cards around, tacking them down with touches of glue-stick. I wanted to create a somewhat 3-d effect (in my dreams, I managed to suspend them with fishline or something, but I couldn’t figure out the logistic) so I tried not to tack them down too much.

alice 5

Attaching the cut-out to the back of the table was an unexpected headache as the cardstock was not stiff enough to hold it upright. I ended up glueing several popsicle sticks to the back, and even then it was not quite as straight as I wanted. I think a dowel would have been more successful, but I didn’t locate any. Here you can see a nice selection of the materials I put out–a few DVDs, picture books from the Disney version, and several different editions of the book, including the Allison Jay.

alice 6

And here’s one last picture: a close-up of the finished Alice with the pack of cards flying around her.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with how this one turned out. It was a lot of work, but it was also fun and I could easily see re-using the cut-out next year, with some minor changes (DOWEL). I completely forgot to look for any actual biographies of Lewis Carroll, so that’s the one other thing I would change.

The facts
Title of display: Alice in Wonderland
Theme: Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland
Time spent: I didn’t count, but eeek, a long time. This one was complicated
Resources: This image, via Google Images



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6 responses to “Library Display: Alice in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll

  1. Mimi

    That is so fabulous! What an artistic and lovely display!

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