Links from around the web 1/17/13

Charles Darwin and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. This is a fun reminder that famous people are actually real people and, you know, have bad days.

– Writing female characters. This. Yes. This. SO MUCH. (via Miriam Forster)

– I am still hoping for this to happen in-canon. But if it doesn’t, at least we have fanart (via RJ Anderson)

– A fascinating post about writing war in SF/F. A bit gritty, but excellent. (via Amanda McCrina)

– If you have not seen the newest Lizzie Bennet Diaries video GO WATCH AT ONCE.

– Leila’s review for Kirkus this week sounds quite cool

Father Brown miniseries! Starring Mark Williams! *extends grabby hands* (via Shelvers Anon)

– There’s a new Betsy-Tacy blog, Betsy-Tacy’s Deep Valley. As a huge Maud Hart Lovelace fan, I approve. (via Melissa Wiley)


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