Update #2

I arrived safely yesterday, although the getting of the ticket and parts of the travel were SO NOT FUN. ARGH and also GAH.

But it’s good to be here. My dad is in his bedroom, which is full of flowers and icons and photos and pictures my mom’s kids from school drew for them. It feels like a very peaceful place. I don’t mind being there at all, or holding his hand, though I find it very difficult to talk to him (because of getting choked up and not knowing what to say).

He’s not apparently responsive at this point, though he’s opened his eyes once or twice while I’ve been there.

I don’t know exactly what other details to give at this point…it’s a mix of things–good to be with my mom and siblings, awed by the love that people have been pouring out on us, sad that this is happening, hoping it will be over soon so he can be at peace.



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3 responses to “Update #2

  1. Susan the Singer

    i’m glad you’re there safely. ((((((HUGS))))))))

  2. Elizabeth in Alaska

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you…

  3. Anna

    Thinking of you lots – glad you were able to get home.

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