Maureen, 1940s edition

First I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I really appreciate all of your kind words.

However, life does go on, and I wanted to share a few pictures from the library’s trick-or-treat night last week. I went as someone from the 1940s, and then since everyone else in the Children’s room was doing a Caldecott theme, I amended it slightly to the mother from Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey. The time period is a few (18!) years off, but it was really just so I had a book if a kid asked me. They didn’t!

A few years ago, my church did an extremely scaled back version of It’s A Wonderful Life at an event and I was Mary Bailey. So I already had this costume mostly worked out, though I had to figure out the hair again. It was fairly simple, given the household I live in. I borrowed the blouse; we had the shoulder pads from the play; I already owned the skirt and shoes and stockings (no, I didn’t draw a line down the back–I want to use them again for other things!) The hair was a bit tricky, mostly because my hair takes curl too well and in this case I had to leave it in pin curls for almost 24 hours. The result was more Shirley Temple on a bad hair day than elegance, but eventually, with some judicious brushing, I was able to get it more as I wanted it.

It was lots of fun and I have to admit, I felt like an extra from Foyle’s War! Or Code Name Verity, which was my original inspiration, though I don’t look quite like either of the main characters. I’m sure there are all kinds of inaccuracies, but considering time and budget I think it was a success.

An okay picture of me–not as good of the costume.

One last picture



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