Author event: Saundra Mitchell, Christine Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan

Last night I went to my very first author event, a signing at the Noblesville Barnes & Noble here in Indianapolis. As soon as it was anounced, I knew I would HAVE to go. Two local authors plus one whose books I love and who lives in another country? YES. Tragically, I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures. But another attendee did get some nice shots!

I accidentally got to Noblesville really early (I was worried about rush hour traffic, but it wasn’t that bad, and getting lost, but I didn’t.) So I ended up walking in almost right behind Saundra and Sarah and then sort of lurking in the YA section, trying to work up the courage to say hello. Which eventually I did, and they were both extremely warm and welcoming. (Also, I was the first person there, so that probably helped. :))

I’m not sure how many people were actually there, because I was in the front and people kept trickling in the back. Later, during the signing, a woman asked me who the authors were, so I tried to give her a brief book talk on all three in like thirty seconds. But she sounded intrigued & said she thought her daughter would be interested. Hopefully a new reader? Anyway, one of the highlights of the evening for me was not just meeting the authors, but the other fans who had come. I’ll so grateful for all of my online friends, but being able to talk about books we all love in real life is great.

All three read aloud from their books. Sarah read from Unspoken, which I’ve already read on NetGalley. But it’s way more exciting with the props and the acting out and the use of other authors as stand-ins for characters. Saundra read from The Springsweet, which is a book I love (this trilogy is amazing). And Christine read a sneak peak from her upcoming book, The Gathering Dark. I am really looking forward to reading that one! It sounds like it will be funny and awesome.

So then there were questions, during which Dark Secrets were revealed that we must Never Speak Of Again. No, more seriously, they all talked about being online and working with other writers and how their parents react to their work. And Sarah told many funny stories–so many. The swimming pool story may be my favorite.

And then we got books signed and I took the opportunity to snag Nocturne, The Vespertine, and Demon’s Covenant, all of which I lacked. There was a less of a line and more of a herd continuing to talk, but that’s okay. And then we kept talking until Sarah was whisked away to be fed. But first there was a group hug. 🙂

I almost forgot to pay for the books on the way out. But I remembered at the last second!

So thank you so much to Barnes & Noble, and to Saundra, Christine & Sarah, and to all the other people who came. It was a really great evening, and I’m so glad it was my first author event experience.



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4 responses to “Author event: Saundra Mitchell, Christine Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan

  1. Bethany

    I had so much fun last night! So nice to meet you! Great recap:)

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