Book notes 7-17-2012

I finally finished Terry Pratchett’s Nation yesterday. I’d been interuppted by a number of things, including the fact that I was attending the My Life in Christ Youth Conference all last week, which cut out any reading I might have otherwise done.

I liked Nation, though in many ways I thought Frances Hardinge’s The Lost Conpsiracy (which I love and adore forever and always) did the same thing only better.

I also read Marc Aronsen’s Master of Deceit, a teen biography of J. Edgar Hoover. Aronsen is a master of narrative fiction, and I thought the way he tried to show two sides to every story was great. For interested teens, this could be a really good discussion book. I did catch some bias on his part, which he addresses more explicitly in the afterword. I didn’t actually know much about J. Edgar Hoover before reading this, but I now I feel quite well informed.

Also finished Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London/Midnight Riot this morning. Great book–loved the world and the characters, especially Peter. I was just a tad bothered by Leslie & Beverly and the way their relationship with Peter was depicted, but not enough to ruin the book. I’m also not usually an urban fantasy fan, but perhaps that changes when the location is London. (For reasons long-time readers will appreciate.) Now that I think of it, The Rook, which I also loved, could be seen as urban fantasy though it doesn’t have quite the grittiness that I usually associate with the genre. Regardless, I really enjoyed Rivers/Midnight and put the second book on hold.

Now I’m working my way through a re-read of Firebirds. I’m enjoying a lot of the stories and having extremely negative reactions to a couple of them. More on that, plus (FINALLY) my review of Amanda McCrina’s His Own Good Sword in the next few days.

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