168 hours: final post

Company being in town was awesome, but also severely disrupted the end of the 168 hour challenge. Here are the stats I wound up with:

Books read: 12
Books started and not finished: 6
Pages read: 4031
Hours read: 25
Hours spent writing reviews: 1.5 (three for NetGalley)
Other activities done while reading: cooking & eating (I expected to have something more interesting here)

Not too bad, especially considering two days were out of the mix! (So technically I guess this was the 140 hour challenge. Whatever.) Unfortunately, this was the week all my holds came in, so the craziness of the TBR bookshelf did not decrease. I did manage to move some books through, so that’s good. All in all, a satisfactory week. You can see all the posts by clicking on this tag.

I may do a round 2 at some point–maybe at a better time for other people? We’ll see!



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2 responses to “168 hours: final post

  1. Marie

    I need to do something like this … my to read stack is RIDICULOUS!

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