168 hours: Day 3 stats

These coming to you this morning because I stayed up late last night reading and I’m almost regretting it this morning. Not quite, because I finished Game of Kings, but URK. EDIT: So tired I’m forgetting which day it is.

So yes–I liked Game of Kings a lot. The melodrama! The intrigue! The history! Also smooth talking blonds–has Sarah Rees Brennan read this book? Also characters who are more than they seem. Lymond is almost like this really weird mix of Howl and Verity. But I’m not sure if I can keep up the emotional stamina for the rest of the series. We’ll see.

Also read Jill Paton Walsh’s The Green Book which is really short. It’s children’s fiction, so I’m trying to go easy on it, but I had a ton of questions and problems with the background and the world. I think that’s not meant to be the focus here, but the story itself is so slight that I couldn’t help but notice.

Books read: 8
Books started and not finished: 1
Pages read: 2513
Hours read: 17.25
Hours spent writing reviews: 1 (three for NetGalley)
Other activities done while reading: cooking & eating (I expected to have something more interesting here)



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3 responses to “168 hours: Day 3 stats

  1. I was quite struck by the imagery in The Green Book (the old photograph being described as looking “like it had been brushed with treacle,” the faceted seeds) when I read it in fifth grade, but that *was* fifth grade. What were some of the world-building issues you picked out?

    • Maureen E

      It’s mostly that the book is SO short (60 pages or so) that nothing is explained. I mean, it’s also from a child’s POV, so having her be entirely aware of all scientific stuff would be dodgy. But I did want to know more about how things worked and why. Also, it’s old enough that the view of the future came across as super dated.

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