168 hours: day 2 stats

Only finished two books today, but I’m deep in the heart of Dorothy Dunnett’s Game of Kings–HOW have I never read this book before? I’m getting too tired to pay proper attention to it, so I’ll finish tomorrow.

I finished Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones. Mixed feelings–I liked it, but it was extremely self-aware, which is not something I admire in a book. And the second person narration seemed unnecessary.

Also finished Sharon Shinn’s Heart of Gold. Again mixed feelings–I like Shinn’s writing a lot, but the plot took forever to get going and I never quite bought all the philosophical ruminations of the characters. In other words, lots of telling not so much showing. Still, I appreciated the nuanced depiction of the different groups and liked the main characters.

Stats! These are totals for both days.

Books read: 6
Books started and not finished: 1
Pages read: 2113
Hours read: 14
Hours spent writing reviews: 1 (three for NetGalley)
Other activities done while reading: cooking & eating


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