The 168 hour book challenge: announcement

I’m missing the 48 hour book challenge this weekend, due to the impossible confluence of work and real life stuff that’s going on. That said, I’m in desperate need of a way to decrease my tbr pile…er, bookshelf. (I’m serious. I’ll post a picture.) With that in mind, I’m planning to dedicate next week, from Monday morning to Sunday midnight, to reading. As much as possible, given that I’ll be working and cooking and my room desperately needs to be cleaned, and I have out of town company (yay!) next weekend. But that’s partly the point of giving myself a whole week: I can’t dedicated hours every day, but I’m hoping that over the course of the week I’ll manage to whittle down my piles and my reviews.

Anyone is welcome to join me, at any time. Just leave a comment! And figure out your own pace/comfort level. I’m going to be focusing on the books I already have, which means that I’ll be ignoring any holds that come in during the week–at least, until I get bored with everything else. And hopefully I’ll be putting up some (short) reviews as I finish stuff.

Anyone else in?

EDIT: Forgot to say that if anyone else does want to join in, I’ll come up with some kind of a prize. If it’s just me, I’ll make myself cookies.



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3 responses to “The 168 hour book challenge: announcement

  1. I wish I could join you, because goodness knows things are grim around here, but I have a library booksale to run….

  2. I wish I could give this my all this week. I was unable to do the 48HBC too. BUT. We are leaving for the beach on Saturday and there is so much to do. However, I am reading as much as I can (getting blog posts scheduled for the week we are gone and the week after). I will have all day in the car on Saturday and I’m looking forward to that.

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