What I’m reading

-Just finished Jennifer Nielsen’s The False Prince which is one of those books I desperately wanted to love…and didn’t. I KNOW. It ticked so many of my boxes, so many blog friends adored it, and yet–I didn’t. I always hate it when this happens and sometimes don’t even really know why. In this case, I have a few thoughts which I’ll hopefully manage to wrangle into coherency.

-Have barely dipped into Stroud’s Heroes of the Valley, having recently finished and enjoyed The Ring of Solomon though I still don’t know how Richard Peck, otherwise a favorite author, could have chosen it over Conspiracy of Kings. Anyway–Heroes of the Valley! I suspect I will like it quite a bit–reads on the younger side of YA and I’m guessing there may be some interesting stuff about the stories we tell vs. the truth.

-Just about to start Ladies in Waiting by Laura Sullivan, which looks interesting. The cover is pretty ridiculous, but the time period (Restoration) is one that’s often ignored and could certainly provide some drama!

-I also have Bitterblue but haven’t read it yet. I KNOW. I’m terrible!

-I’m considering re-reading Code Name Verity, which I’ve been wanting to do since I read it the first time. But every time I see a quote in a review or one of EWein’s interviews, I start crying, so I’m a little worried. But it would be neat to do a more in-depth review, with spoilers, now that it’s out in the US. Am I crazy? Will I start crying when I see ballpoint pens? POSSIBLY.



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2 responses to “What I’m reading

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to go back and try Heros of the Valley again–I started it ages ago, put it down, and life and other books got in the way…

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