I’ll only say it once…

…but today is the day that Code Name Verity is finally released in the US! This is the book that was amazing and heartbreaking. This is the book of which I said:

And it’s a book that’s going to stick with me. I could tell that when I went on the worst book-induced crying fit since reading A Tale of Two Cities when I was 13. Even more than that, it’s the way I’ve been thinking about it constantly since then–not the awful bits, but the bits about Verity and Maddie. And individual lines–we make a sensational team; Kiss me, Hardy; I have told the truth (Saturday night I had almost stopped crying and then I had to put the book away and I saw the tagline on the front and started crying again). I was so close to the characters that they didn’t seem to be either historical or fiction. And that, my friends, is a good book.

It’s all still true.

In case you need more convincing, lots of other people agree with me, from Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Times (!) to Chachic and The Book Smugglers. And Maggie Stiefvater. And…just about everyone else who’s read the book.

So–go read it!


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9 responses to “I’ll only say it once…

  1. Happy US Book Birthday, CNV! 🙂

  2. ewein2412

    I *lovelovelove* that you cried over A Tale of Two Cities when you were 13. SO DID I. In fact, I had to go and re-read the last few scenes when I was working on the, um, obvious parallel there.

    • Maureen E

      I lay on our horrible old green couch and sobbed. And then my younger siblings started fighting and I got horribly annoyed because they should have seen that I was distressed.

  3. ewein2412

    NO, curious readers, that was NOT really a spoiler, or not in the way you might THINK. ner.

  4. Rebecca

    I have it on order! I hope it arrives soon!!!

  5. Kim

    I am so excited that I finally have time to read all of these books you’ve recommended… 🙂

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