This week

– services every night, including one of my favorites in the year (Bridegroom Matins)
– work almost every day
– crying over my dad on the way home from work
– preparing for Pascha
– longing for an end to fasting food
– making Braided Lemon Bread and a Lemon Almond Tart and a German currant-chocolate cake, none of which are done yet
– also Greek style dyed eggs
– National Library Week, meaning free food at work (that I can’t eat!) and a lovely chair massage (aahhhhh…)
– wanting to read everything now (a few more days)

{I’ve given up on April Poetry this year, with sadness and reluctance. Unfortunately, there’s just too much going on and it’s not fair to anyone to make promises and not keep them.}



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3 responses to “This week

  1. Mimi

    How is your dad, my dear? Love to you this Holy Week.

    • Maureen E

      He’s getting some strength back, thanks to the radiation, but that buys him some time. It doesn’t offer him a cure. So…ups and downs, I think, both physically and personally. I’m doing okay, just every so often I start leaking. Thank you, and to you as well!

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