This will be known…

…as the week that got away from me. I had Plans, friends, blogging Plans! And then, well, life happened. So, extremely briefly:

Holly Black’s Black Heart is lovely, an excellent and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. Cassel stops being a character who reacts to life. I do wish we had a way to see into Lila’s head a little more, but that’s the problem with first person, isn’t it? We can only see her as Cassel does. Also, there was a moment where Holly Black cunningly (I am sure) made me mad at Cassel on Barron’s behalf, which prompted me to wonder if we were in opposite world. Nice flip-flop/complication of the characters there. (Came out April 3, bought a copy at Books a Million)

Sarah Cross’s Kill Me Softly was one that I enjoyed a lot while I was reading and then afterwards felt a bit more confused by. I liked the fairy-tale mashup, though I spotted all the story analogues about a mile away (perils of having been raised on Grimm). I liked where the relationship part ended up, though I felt impatient about how long it took to get there. If you like fairy tales, this is a good one to keep an eye out for, as it feels both like an accurate reflection of the sources and an original story. (Out April 10, eARC from NetGalley)

Hopefully I will manage to get my Emily Dickinson post up tomorrow–we’ll pretend it’s Thursday, right?

Also, for those of you who celebrate Easter tomorrow, Happy Easter. For my Orthodox friends, have a wonderful Palm Sunday. And for my Jewish/Messianic friends, have a good Passover. I’ll be carrying my palm and singing (despite a sore foot from when a cart fell on it at work–told you this was a week!).



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