Let us set out with joy

Last week, I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that Lent was almost upon us. Well, we all had stomach flu, so I suppose there’s a reason. Still, I didn’t manage to get the February book list ready to post, and now I want to focus on the first week. So look for that next Monday.

I will be posting here during Lent, but my reading habits will probably be a little different than usual, and possibly my posting habits as well.

I’ve been taking walks recently–just a short stroll through the neighborhood, although when the weather turns I’m planning to go to a park near my job sometimes. I took a few pictures yesterday, which I thought I’d share, in lieu of more substance.

An apple tree, growing wild in an abandoned yard.

Morning light.

A kitchen scene.


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4 responses to “Let us set out with joy

  1. I find such walks to be of great comfort … thinking of you!

  2. Mimi

    Forgive me, my sister.
    A blessed Lent to you and yours. How is your dad?

    • Maureen E

      God forgives. Forgive me also.

      Thank you–and to you! He’s not great physically, but doing okay emotionally I think.

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