Library booksale

There was a library booksale at my local library last weekend, and I managed to go on the first day. Came away with a lovely bunch of books, all for the very wallet-happy price of $11.50. Seriously, library booksales are one of my favorite ways to shop for books. You can get hardbacks for two dollars, and the last several times I’ve found things I really wanted.

Here’s the list from this time:
Ombria in Shadow by Patricia McKillip, which may be my very favorite McKillip ever of all time
Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale
Lamplighter by D.M. Cornish (already have Foundling)
The Lost Conspiracy–I had just finished re-reading this and loved it more than ever, so finding this was very happy making.
Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope–I actually have a copy of this already, but I thought of someone to give it to, so it’ll probably be a present
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Vol 1–Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant, which are my two favorite Chrestomanci stories anyway!
The Heaven Tree Trilogy by Edith Pargeter (Ellis Peters)–medieval Wales! Ellis Peters! How could I not get this?
The Alley by Eleanor Estes–the Moffats obviously top everything else, but I really like the two Alley books

I had been hoping for some Elizabeth Wein, because I need to buy the rest of that series. But I suppose I should be happy that they’re not showing up at library booksales!


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  1. Library book sales are awesome! I went to a couple of them when I was in the States back in 2009. I was able to grab an out of print copy of The Winter Prince. 🙂 And I got Instead of Three Wishes too. If I lived over there, I’d go to every library sale in my vicinity.

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