Sewing Simplicity 3408: Introduction

Some time ago I bought Simplicity 3408, a dress pattern from 1940. I’ve been interested in vintage patterns for awhile, since having the freedom to make them up yourself seems to make for more wearable patterns that don’t look like you’re necessarily wearing a costume. I liked this one a lot, especially the fact that you can make it in either summer or winter styles.

But then I didn’t get a job and had no income and so buying good fabric for a dress didn’t seem like a smart thing to do.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I realized that I do have income now (yay) and that my birthday was coming up. So I bought the fabric to make the dress.

I knew I wanted it to be a winter dress, and to me winter=wool. Eventually I settled on a wool-rayon blend. Probably not authentic, but the pure wool was a bit expensive! I deliberately got more than I needed, just in case, and because if I don’t use it, I’ll find something else to do with it. I waffled between navy and burgundy, but in the end settled for burgundy. It’s pretty deep, more a purple than a red.

Because I haven’t done a lot of sewing recently and because this is my first vintage pattern, I decided to actually do a muslin. I’m so glad I did–it mostly fits, but the skirt is still far too long (I kind of expected that, given how short I am) and the bodice is a tad too tight (I had to take it in, and I took in a little too much). If I had gone ahead and cut into the real fabric, I would be incredibly stressed out right now. As it is, I know I can make an easy adjustment in the pattern to fix the problem.

I still have to fit the sleeves on the muslin, which may be a bit tricky as I’m actually trying to shorten the longer sleeves to about 3/4 length (again, personal preference, not sure if it’s at all historical). And if the poof is too much, I may have to try to reduce that a bit too.

I may have pictures next time, though the muslin doesn’t look like much.


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