I just wanted to say this explicitly, so if anyone’s wondering they’ll know. Since I am now employed, updating is harder for me. I was trying to post 5 times a week. I often didn’t get there, but that was the goal. Now, it’s just not realistic and if I try to keep that schedule I’ll just feel guilty all the time. So I’m now going to try to post three times a week, hopefully with something substantial. I love blogging and reviewing books and I’m not going to stop, but I will have to scale back a bit.



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6 responses to “Update

  1. I hope your work is going well! We often have to reevaluate things like blogs when life changes happen. all my best wishes in Christ!

  2. It really is hard to balance blogging with real life (especially when it comes to work) but you shouldn’t feel pressured to read and review books! So feel free to post whenever you feel like it and good luck with your job. 🙂

    • Maureen E

      It is–part of the problem is that this is my outlet to blather about books, so if I don’t talk about them, I have all of these opinions bottled up inside!

  3. Mimi

    Congratulations on your new job 😉

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