The Book of Jhereg-Steven Brust

This is actually comprised of three books: Jhereg, Yendi and Teckla. They’re the first three Vlad Taltos books to be published, but they’re all over the place chronologically. Because I got out this three-in-one volume, I’ve been reading the series in publication order. I’m still undecided about that. (My feelings on publication vs. chronological largely depend on the series.) In this case, there are big things which I assume happen in the first chronological book and which are referenced here. However, enough context is given that I wasn’t completely muddled.

The short version is that I enjoyed this three books a lot. I like Vlad, I like Cawti, I like Loiosh. I like the world, which has some nice political maneuvering (ah, fantasy politics!) and which has both originality and solidity. I’m really curious about the fact that Vlad’s grandfather calls the Dragaerans elfs. I would like some explanation of that at some point (if you happen to know, please don’t tell me!). And I enjoyed the supporting cast a lot.

Solid, original, and fun. I think that pretty much sums it up.

Book source: public library
Book information: Ace, 1999; adult fantasy

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