Dog Friday-Hilary McKay

No opening line, because I already returned the book and forgot to write it down.

The first time I read a Hilary McKay book (last year), I wondered how on earth my family had managed to miss them all these years. I’m still not sure about that, because she seems so classic and also hysterically funny.

Anyway, in an effort to make up for lost time, I’ve been reading through her books. I am done with the Exiles and done with the Cassons and now I’ve started on the Dog Friday trilogy.

Robin, who lives with his mother in an old house that she attempts to run as a bed and breakfast, has a new fear of dogs, for good reason. He also has a new set of neighbors, a rather mad family called the Robinsons. The Robinsons are determined to cure Robin of his fear of dogs, get people to come to the bed and breakfast, and vanquish the local bully.

The beginning was a little slow, but about halfway in I started giggling to myself. By the end, I was reading the exploits of Sundance and Beany and laughing my head off. In short, this is a great, fun book. It has less emotional weight than the Casson books, and less heft than the Exiles, but I think a slightly younger crowd would love it, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself.

Hilary McKay, previously


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