Firebirds Rising-ed. Sharyn November

I have previously read the first and second books in this anthology series, which is largely notable for being a YA anthology (something we do not have enough of).

In general, I tend to have mixed reactions to anthologies, especially those with stories by a number of different authors. This was no exception. I think the other two were generally stronger, but there were several stories I enjoyed in here.

“I’ll Give You My Word” by Diana Wynne Jones (sob) was a delight. It’s mostly typical Jones, with a slightly mad family where the kids end up saving the day, but the parents really do care about them. The world of the story had a slightly different feel than most of hers though.

“Wintermoon Wish” by Sharon Shinn was a nice addition to her Safe-Keeper series. I enjoyed the look at some of the characters later on. I think it would probably work best for a reader who is familiar with the series and the backstory, both in terms of worldbuilding and characters.

“Quills” by Carol Emshwiller had a fascinating concept and great narrator. I did feel that it got a tad heavy-handed at the end, though.

“Cousins” by Pamela Dean. This was so lovely–quiet most of the time, but great characters and setting. I believe I’ve read one or two other Liavek stories, but this was by far my favorite.

“In the House of the Seven Librarians” by Ellen Klages had a fun concept and I enjoyed it, but I felt like the librarians never quite managed to get beyond the stereotyped view that we get at the beginning. I think Klages was trying to, but I didn’t ultimately feel like we got there.

Book source: public library
Book information: Firebird, 2006; YA


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