My 48-hour reading challenge

This is a list of the books in my to-be-read pile at the moment. As I finish, I’ll cross them off and add a link to whatever review I write up.

The Fair Adventure
Ship of Magic
The Cup of the World
The Order of Odd-Fish
King’s Dragon
The Gift from the Sea
Agent of Changedone!
Blood Magic
City of Fallen Angels
The Coming of the Dragon
The False Princess
The Forest of Hands and of Feet
Fury of the Phoenix
Heart of Veridon
Infernal Devices
The Iron Thorn
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Lifedone!
The King’s Rose
Maddigan’s Fantasiadone!
The Native Star
One of Our Thursdays is Missing
The Reapers are the Angels
The Returning
Shadow of the Giant
You Killed Wesley Paine

I’m hoping to finish at least 8 books in the 48 hours; I have read 4 books in a day before (or at least finished them), so this seems like it’s a doable goal.


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