Writing, reading, and ice cream

I just finished the first 1/4 of this round of revisions on the now-untitled YA fantasy I’ve been working on for the past four years (now-untitled because the title that it had had since the very beginning suddenly became the wrong title and the right one has not yet emerged). I am eating celebratory ice cream: coffee and French vanilla. Yum.

Technically, I suppose I should be eating something fifteenth century-ish, if I wanted to be getting into the spirit of things. But they some really weird things at that point and I think I’ll enjoy my ice cream more.

I realize that I’ve hardly ever talked about writing here. This is mostly because 1) I’m shy and don’t like talking about things that mean a lot to me and 2) I’m still feel like I’m flailing around desperately wondering what I’m doing, and who really wants to read about that? But I may, cautiously, be posting a bit more on this.

I’ve been reading books from my bookshelves. Now, I’m a compulsive re-reader and as I build up my library, it’s not that strange for me to read a few books a month from my own shelves. But I’ve been on a blitz recently, which doesn’t often happen. I feel my TBR pile glaring at me balefully from the corner, all of the library books saying, “You know, you have to return me eventually.” At the moment, though, I’m entirely burnt out on pretty much ALL of my library books. They all seem like clever books, and I’m tired of clever books. I want books with heart, books that pick me up and wrap me in their world and don’t set me down until I’ve finished the last page. Maybe not even then. I know there are plenty out there, but I’ve been having a hard time finding new ones recently, hence the spate of re-reading. Feel free to make suggestions, although a quick browse through my Goodreads account, to make sure I haven’t already read it, might be a good idea.



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5 responses to “Writing, reading, and ice cream

  1. nice… I’ve been wanting some comforting books to read and often it seems that there is nothing out there…

    I am shy about those things that mean a lot to me too, esp. writing…

    sending some hugs as we go into the weekend!

    • R

      Comforting books…
      M. I. Mcallister’s Chronicles of Mistmantle. They’re for kids but I love them – read them in order and the last one will make you cry – definitely not clever, but sweet and exciting.

      • Maureen E

        I haven’t read that–the other three you mentioned are favorites–Wrede and Mara old favorites, Chime a new one.

    • Maureen E

      Well, Goudge is always lovely. I really like some of Rumer Godden too, China Court and In This House of Brede especially.

      I know what you mean–to me it always seems sort of pretentious. But then, I am fairly serious about it, so I guess I need to just get over that. 🙂

      Thanks for the hugs–sending them back your way!

  2. R

    oops, hit Enter too early…

    If you want some pure fun there’s the series by Patricia C. Wrede that starts with Dealing with Dragons.

    Also worthwhile, in my opinion, is Chime by Franny Billingsley. Not easy but good.

    And Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s Mara, Daughter of the Nile.

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