Cooking adventures, part II

I keep fiddling with how I talk about cooking on this blog. I like short, and since I take rotten pictures, I like no pictures. And…recipe review sounds awfully formal somehow. So cooking adventures seems much more appropriate. Anyway.

+ Peanut Curry: This was really good. I loved the flavor the coconut milk added. I actually think I might try it without the sweet potato next time, though. The flavor seemed…off in this dish for some reason. Not bad, but like it didn’t have a place. I made it with spinach instead of collard greens.

+ Baked Tofu: The recipe is really, really simple, and I got three meals out of it. I made an Asian-y soup with part, had part with vegetables and peanut sauce, and did something I can’t remember with the rest. It was all good and felt less greasy than fried tofu is liable to.

+ Arroz con Leche, vegan style: I used rice, soy, and coconut milk for this one, and substituted ground cinnamon for a stick. It was good, but my word it made a lot. We still have significant leftovers in the fridge and I’m afraid it’ll go bad. I might try freezing some. Anyway, I really want to try a non-fasting version after Lent.

+ Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes: I was trying to use up the rest of the sweet potato from the other curry dish. I found that the flavors in this one seemed to complement each other more readily. The first was also more of a Thai-style curry, while this one is more Indian. I enjoyed both, but if I specifically wanted a sweet potato curry, I’d go with this one.

+ Potato, Beans, and Mushroom soup: I let the beans soak for a really long time, which seemed to help with the tenderness. I added lots of spices–rosemary and parsley and basil and a little bit of oregano and tarragon. It was a good fill-you-up soup, for a day that reverted back to winter.



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4 responses to “Cooking adventures, part II

  1. neat! I need to make a good soup again for my next cooking adventure…

  2. Really those sound great. I am really impressed with your choices, and it seems you met with some great success. Well done.

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