Arabella: a review

by Georgette Heyer

I have a few favorite Heyer books: Devil’s Cub, The Grand Sophy, Frederica, and Sylvester. Arabella is the latest addition to this storied company (I’m sorry. I don’t know. The words just come out somehow). Anyway, why do I like it so much? I think it’s because both Arabella and Our Hero seem genuinely nice. It’s not that they don’t make mistakes, because they do. But, in a genre where heroines tend to either be full of pluck and backbone, or full of fluffy hair and long eyelashes that make the hero think of kittens, and where the heroes tend to either be arrogant dandies or arrogant sportsmen, these two stand out. Arabella sort of fits in the kitten-ish category, but she also has a strongly developed sense of morals and compassion. She honestly cares about people and she doesn’t care who might tell her that it’s not fashionable to help those who need it. The hero sort of fits in the arrogant dandy category, but he has a genuinely nice side to him that reduces the arrogance and makes him a more real character.

In short, I enjoyed it. Also, as usual, Heyer gives us a great supporting cast, from Arabella’s brother Bertram and his friend Mr. Scunthorpe, to Lord Charles Fleetwood.

Book source: University of Oregon
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7 responses to “Arabella: a review

  1. Pam H.

    I read this one. The hero and heroine are married already, aren’t they? I thought it was a different twist on these type of novels that she spent some time delving into problems that married couples can run into, especially those who married young.

  2. Pam H.

    No, I didn’t read that one. I wonder which one I’m thinking of? The hero’s little sister tries to elope, but doesn’t pull it off due to thwartings of well-wishers. The heroine is a kittenish one, afraid to spend her husband’s money, etc. What could it have been?

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