Georgette Heyer

I got out a five-in-one volume of Georgette Heyer containing These Old Shades; Sprig Muslin; Sylvester; The Corinthian; The Convenient Marriage. I had never read These Old Shades or The Corinthian before, so I was looking forward to both of those.

These Old Shades is the first book in the Alastair series; the other two are Devil’s Cub and An Infamous Army. I read Devil’s Cub first and then Infamous Army. As it just so happens, Devil’s Cub is basically my all-time favorite Heyer book and Infamous Army is excellent in a different way than her usual. So These Old Shades had a lot to live up to. Ultimately, I enjoyed it, especially on a second read-through, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Set before the French Revolution, it follows Justin Alastair, Duke of Avon, through his wild life in Anjou. When his life collides with a young page named Leon, he begins a new course which will ultimately change everything.

I enjoyed seeing a new view of Avon and of Leon *cough*, and especially of Rupert! Nonetheless, Devil’s Cub remains my favorite (mostly because of Mary).

Sprig Muslin was one I had read before but forgotten the plot of. And now I have forgotten the plot again. So clearly, it’s not exactly memorable. After looking it up, I remembered! It’s an enjoyable one, slightly more down-to-earth than most Heyer. But again, not exactly memorable (reminds me strongly of The Foundling, now that I think about it).

Sylvester has always been and remains one of my favorites. All three of the main characters are marvellous, and I love to hate Lady Ianthe. Comforting re-read there.

The Corinthian was the other new-to-me book in this set. A bit on the short side, but lots of fun! Sir Richard, on the point of being badgered into a loveless marriage, helps a young woman named Pen Creed run away. Hijink ensue, in the typical Heyer way. Necklaces, murders, old friends who aren’t quite what one expects them to be, etc., etc.

I’d read The Convenient Marriage quite recently, so I sort of skimmed over it. I do enjoy it, but not that much. (Here’s my recent {monthly reading list blurb} on it.)

Book source: Inter-library loan



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