Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart is one of those classic authors who lots of people like. So I can just assume that everyone else likes her too, right? Heh. For those of you who aren’t already on the bandwagon, Stewart wrote Gothicky romantic mysteries. Her implicit attitudes as far as class and so on go can be a bit grating occasionally, but I still enjoy her books very much. When I want something relatively light but still fun, Stewart is a good person to turn to.

Favorite Mary Stewart books
1. Thornyhold
2. The Stormy Petrel
3. The Ivy Tree
4. Nine Coaches Waiting

All of my Mary Stewart reviews
The Ivy Tree, briefly (2010), and again, briefly (2011)
Madam, Will You Talk, briefly (2011)
The Moonspinners, briefly (2012)
Nine Coaches Waiting, briefly (2010), and again, briefly (2011)
Rose Cottage, briefly (2011)
The Stormy Petrel, briefly (2011)
This Rough Magic, briefly (2012)
Thornyhold, briefly (2011)
Touch Not the Cat, briefly (2012)
Wildfire at Midnight, briefly (2012)

Books which I’ve read and haven’t formally reviewed
Thunder on the Right
My Brother Michael
Airs Above the Ground
The Gabriel Hounds


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3 responses to “Mary Stewart

  1. I vividly remember my mother starting me on Mary Stewart’s romances when I was 14 or so–The Moonspinners was my first. Swoon!

    Before then, though, she had passed on to me MS’s Merlin books–The Crystal Cave and The Hollow Hill are two of my favorite books in the world.

    • Maureen E

      I hadn’t read her until quite recently, but she’s lovely! I’ve been wary of her fantasy for some reason. If you really like them, though…

  2. Mimi

    I have “The Crystal Cave” around here but haven’t started yet. I also read “The Moonspinners” as a teen.

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