Martha Wells

Martha Wells is one of those frustratingly good writers who generally manages to do several tricky things while making them look completely effortless. For instance, her books are usually historically inspired without being alternate universes, and also feature prickly, flawed main characters who are nonetheless likeable, and a grand sweep of political and personal events with a touch of romance that’s there without taking over the story. And did I mention the effortless part? Besides this, I really enjoy her books–I like characters with a sense of duty, and the worlds she creates are very engrossing.

Favorite Martha Wells books
1. The Wheel of the Infinite
2. The Wizard Hunters
3. Death of the Necromancer
4. The Element of Fire

(Final order might not be this, since I’m still reading through the Ile-Rien books, but these are all favorites.)

All of my Martha Wells reviews
The Wheel of the Infinite (2013), and briefly once (2012) and twice (2012)
The Element of Fire (2013)
The Death of the Necromancer (2013)
The Wizard Hunters (2013)
Emilie and the Hollow World (2013)
City of Bones, briefly (2012)

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