Holly Black

I can’t claim to have read everything Holly Black has ever written–in fact, I have tried to read Tithe at least twice and completely bounced off it (is it worth another try?). However, the books I’ve read, I looooooved. White Cat is such a completely brilliant fairy tale retelling, masquerading as a gangster story set in an alternate universe where magic is real but very illegal. And Doll Bones is a perfect, wonderful middle-grade book, ostensibly a ghost story, but really all about growing up. In short, I may not have read everything by Holly Black, and I may never do so. But I have no hesitation in declaring that she is definitely a favorite author.

Favorite Holly Black books
1. White Cat
2. Doll Bones
3. Red Glove
4. Black Heart

All of my Holly Black reviews
White Cat (2010) and again, briefly (2010)
Red Glove (2011
Black Heart, briefly (2012)
The Poison Eaters, briefly (2012)
Doll Bones (2013)


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3 responses to “Holly Black

  1. Oh, does this mean Holly Black’s other books are not like Tithe? I I really didn’t enjoy Tithe and so have avoided her books ever since, despite reading some good things about them.

    But if Tithe isn’t necessarily representative of what Holly Black’s books are like, then perhaps I should try something else by her.

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