Patricia C. Wrede

I first discovered Patricia Wrede’s books, as many others did, via her wonderful Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I was in middle school, just beginning to explore fantasy, and Wrede’s writing was a revelation. I had never known that fantasy could be funny before. The Enchanted Forest books are still major comfort reads for me–how can you not love Cimorene and Mendanbar and their particular brand of kookiness?

But there’s more! Wrede also wrote, with Caroline Stevermer, a completely charming and wonderful trilogy of Regency historical fantasy books. The first, Sorcery and Cecelia, is probably my favorite, but they’re all lovely. She’s written epic fantasy (The Seven Towers), historical fantasy based in the American Midwest, and many others.

My favorite Patricia Wrede books
1. Dealing with Dragons
2. Searching for Dragons
3. Sorcery and Cecilia
4. The Grand Tour

All my Patricia Wrede reviews
Dealing With Dragons, briefly (2008)
Searching for Dragons, briefly (2011)
Book of Enchantments, briefly (2009)
The Seven Towers, briefly (2010)
Snow White and Rose Red, briefly (2010)
Magic and Malice, briefly (2010)
Across the Great Barrier, briefly (2011)
Sorcery and Cecelia (2008) and again, briefly (2009)
The Grand Tour, briefly (2008)
The Mislaid Magician, briefly (2008)

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