Megan Whalen Turner

Okay, let me be clear here: if you don’t like Megan Whalen Turner, I will have trouble being friends with you. I mean, I’ll do it, because I value you as a person, but it’s going to be difficult because Megan Whalen Turner? Is clearly a genius, and anyone who doesn’t recognize that is just wrong and deluded.

If you are a Megan Whalen Turner fan, you know what I’m talking about. The intricate plots! The wonderful, grounded setting! All of those are amazing, but what it really comes down to are the characters. Gen, who captures your heart in The Thief and then breaks it over and over again. Sophos. Eddis. Attolia. Costis. Even Nahuseresh, the slimy fish, is slimy in a totally believable way. In short, the books are my prime example of How It Ought To Be Done.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to being one of the best series out there, MWT definitely has the best fandom in the world. We gather at Sounis, and occasionally the Authoress graces us with her presence.

Favorite Megan Whalen Turner books
ALL OF THEM. But in order:
1. The King of Attolia
2. The Queen of Attolia
3. The Thief
4. A Conspiracy of Kings

My Megan Whalen Turner reviews
The Thief (2009)
The Queen of Attolia (2009)
The King of Attolia (2009) and briefly (2011)
A Conspiracy of Kings [without spoilers] (2010); [with spoilers]; [very detailed with spoilers]
The series to date, briefly (2010)

I also wrote a series of posts about the myths in the Queen’s Thief series, which you can read here.


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