Hilary McKay

I love stories about families, especially of a type where the family is young and close and they have adventures together. The Melendys, and the Penderwicks, and the Walkers, and the Blacketts, and the Pevensies, and I could just keep going but I will spare you all. These were some of my favorite books growing up (except the Penderwicks, which hadn’t been written yet), and my only sorrow when it comes to Hilary McKay is that my younger self didn’t get to love her books as much as I KNOW she would have. Especially The Exiles, because the Conroys are just the kind of family I always have and always will love. Every time I read one of those books–and it always seems to be late at night when other people are trying to sleep–I end up helpless with laughter, and at the same time touched by the warmth of the family and friends. I like the Casson books just fine, and I very much enjoyed Binny for Short when I read it recently. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Wishing for Tomorrow, given that it’s a modern sequel to a beloved classic children’s book. So I will happily recommend Hilary McKay in general. But it’s really the Conroys that makes me want to cross timelines and give to 12-year-old me.

Favorite Hilary McKay books
1. The Exiles
2. The Exiles at Home
3. Binny for Short
4. The Exiles in Love
5. Saffy’s Angel

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