Favorite Authors: Rachel Neumeier

I can’t quite believe it’s only been three years since I first read The City in the Lake, but it appears to be the case. I can’t quite believe it, because City in the Lake, and all of Neumeier’s subsequent books, are of the sort that I read and simply fell in love with. I feel, in a certain sense, that I’ve always loved them. So it’s really odd to realize that no, it’s been hardly any time at all. If you like stories that are quiet but also quite intense, characters who do their best, vivid worlds, and lovely understated prose, I would highly recommend any of these books. (I haven’t read the Griffin Mage trilogy yet.)

Bonus: Rachel’s lovely blog, which I very much enjoy reading and commenting at.

Favorite books by Rachel Neumeier
1. The City in the Lake
2. Black Dog
3. House of Shadows
4. The Floating Islands

All of my Rachel Neumeier reviews
The City in the Lake (2011)
The Floating Islands (2011)
House of Shadows (2012)
Black Dog (2014)


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