Links from around the web

- Did you all hear about the Librarian Stress thing? If you haven’t there’s a decent recap at the beginning of the post I’m linking to, which I think has good things to say, especially about a certain blog I dislike.

- Modern Parenting may hinder brain development. I wish I knew more about parenting research, but this was an interesting article and, profession wise, made me wonder about library programs as a way to off-set some of the issues that are touched on.

- Fantasy of Color. “We’re here to share art, pictures and stories of people of color in fantasy or steampunk settings.” Very cool. Also, this is amazing. (via Miriam Forster)

- This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For. If the US government receives a petition with over 25,000 signatures, they are obligated to respond to it officially. This is the official response to the Build a Death Star petition. It is hilarious. You should read it right now. (via LeVar Burton’s Twitter)

- This is cool and creepy and cool. An online version of 20 questions. It got Harry Crewe, Chrestomanci, Cassandra Mortmain, Miles Vorkosigan, and Julie Beaufort-Stuart, but not Maddie or Rupert Venables. (Via Miriam Forster)

- Ego Thy Name is Librarianship is honestly a more interesting/insightful post than the title gives away. It touches on a number of library-related topics and I found myself nodding more than once. (via Liz B & Kelly J)

- Charlotte wants recommendations of adult fantasy for mg/YA fantasy fans.

- Shelvers Anon has a great post about the numbers game, which I am totally guilty of.

- If you’re a writer considering submitting queries to an agent, at least you’re better off than these folks. (via Rachel Neumeier)

- School Library Thrives after ditching print collection. Or as it should read, School “Library” “Thrives” after ditching print collections. Just no. This is so wrong on so many levels, I can’t even tell you.

- On the other hand, there is this WSJ article! Which paints a very rosy picture of the future. I hope it turns out to be true and I see no inherent reason why it couldn’t. But then I think that if ebooks take over completely, it’ll be because everyone freaked out and assumed they would.

- Speaking of Star Wars, here’s a hilarious letter from Alec Guinness.

- Nice list of YA historical fiction. Some I’ve read, others I haven’t.

- Rants about Rants about YA. Excellent stuff here.

And now this has gotten really long! Would help if I did it more regularly, I suppose. :) At any rate, I am always interested in interesting links about books, history, the world we live in.

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